Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is My Tuition Class?

A. My Tuition Class is a Singapore registered business that provides affordable classroom rental for private tutors. Our Business Registration Number is 53167964X.

Q. Where are your centres located?

A. We currently have 5 branches at Ang Mo Kio, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong West, Tampines and Woodlands. All our branches are centrally located and very accessible.

Q. What are your rental rates for hourly classroom?

A. Off-Peak hour rates (Weekdays 9am to 5pm) @ S$20 per hour only, Peak hour rates (Weekdays 5pm to 10pm) @ S$25 per hour only, Super-Peak hour rates (Weekends 9am to 10pm) @ S$30 per hour only. All rates inclusive of utilities. Minimum commitment is 6 months.

Q. What are your rental rates for unlimited classroom?

A. Unlimited rates are from $1,200 to $1,400 per month (negotiable), inclusive of utilities. Minimum commitment is 12 months.

Q. Are you a tuition centre with your own student base, and rent out remaining unused hours to other tutors?

A. We are not a tuition centre and we do not have any student base. All our tutors run their own tuition businesses. We only rent our premises to private tutors and charge them on usage. The tutors have absolute say in their teaching subjects, fees, administrative procedures, etc.

Q. Are your premises certified fire-safe for use as a tuition centre?

A. We take the safety of our tutors and students seriously. Please be rest assured that all our centres are FSSD approved by SCDF.

Q. What are the facilities available in your centres and classrooms?

A. Each classroom comes with a whiteboard, tables and chairs for students and the tutor. All classrooms are air-conditioned. Each centre also has a waiting area and toilet access. Internet access, projectors, photocopy machines, computers and clipboards are not available at our centres.

Q. Are there any administrative staff to assist in taking attendance, collection of fees, etc?

A. To keep our prices low, we do not provide any admin staff. Tutors will be responsible for their own financial and administrative matters. Tutors will have key access to the premises so they need not depend on admin staff to open the centres for them.

Q. Do you provide publicity or advertising for tutors?

A. To keep our prices low, we do not provide marketing services. Tutors will be responsible for sourcing their own students.

Q. Some of the centres offering classroom rental provide publicity such as flyer distribution. Why is this not offered by My Tuition Class?

A. Most of our competitors are tuition schools who use flyer distribution as outreach to their own customers on a regular basis. Some of them may offer advertising space to you for free or at a nominal fee, as they would be doing the flyer distribution anyway. Our experience tells us flyer distribution is not an effective publicity avenue, so we do not offer such services.

Q. What are the different ways I can rent a classroom from you?

A. For private tutors starting out on class tuition, we strongly recommend you start with renting classrooms on hourly basis to keep your cost low. For established tutors with good student base and wish to have daily use of a classroom, we suggest you rent a classroom for unlimited usage.

Q. What is the minimum duration that I can rent?

A. Minimum rental timing is 2 hours per session. Minimum rental duration is 6 months for hourly usage and 12 months for unlimited usage. We regret that once-off adhoc rental or rental duration of less than six months (for hourly usage) and twelve months (for unlimited usage) will not be entertained.

Q. Why is there a minimum rental duration?

A. The agreement and minimum duration protects both parties: if you rent the classroom from us for 6 months, then you will be able to have a peace of mind that the classroom will be available for that entire duration. Some tuition schools offer shorter rental duration or no rental agreement as they have available timeslot for the time being. This gives you flexibility, but this also means that there is a possibility that the tuition school can start a new class at your timeslot and force you to leave or change your class timing.

Q. Is there any property agent fees that I have to pay?

A. Please be rest assured that you deal with us directly and there are no agent fees.

Q. Is there any deposit that I have to place?

A. Please note that a deposit of S$500 or one months' rent, whichever is higher, will be collected upon signing of tenancy agreement. The deposit will be refunded if the terms of the tenancy agreement are fulfilled by the tutor.

Q. Are there any other fees that I need to pay, such as utilities?

A. Please be rest assured that we do not impose additional fees. The rental fees as stated in our website will be the only fees that we will collect from you at a monthly basis.

Q. Some of the centres offering classroom rental give much cheaper rates. Why are your rates more expensive?

A. Please be rest assured that our rental rates are competitive and reasonably priced. Our centres are centrally located, easily accessible and situated in heartland areas where population is dense and the target market is big. Some of our competitors are in CBD area where students have to travel long distances. Some of them are far away from MRT stations. Most of them are tuition schools who run their own classes and rent out their UNWANTED timeslots to you. That's why some of their rates are extremely low. 

Q. Are the rental fees negotiable?

A. On a case by case basis, we are willing to negotiate our rates with keen tutors who are committed and looking to rent with us long term.

Q. Am I able to rent a classroom if I'm not a Singaporean?

A. We regret to inform that only Singaporeans are allowed to sign tenancy agreement and rent classroom with us. We do not allow PRs and foreigners.

Q. Am I able to rent a classroom for my partner or spouse, who will be the person teaching?

A. The person signing the agreement will have to be the main tutor teaching the classes. We do not allow partners or spouses to sign the agreement.

Q. Am I able to rent a classroom if it's not for academic purposes?

A. Our premises are for educational purposes only. We allow art and craft lessons that do not require washing, such as origami and manga drawing. Please note that music lessons, computer lessons, adult training, and lessons that require movement of tables and chairs such as speech and drama, yoga and massage will not be entertained.

Q. Am I able to rent a classroom if it's only for a few days or less than 6 months?

A. We regret that once-off adhoc rental or rental duration of less than six months will not be entertained.

Q. I am interested in viewing your centres. How do I go about doing that?

A. As we do not engage admin staff to manage our centres, we do not entertain walk-in or last minute viewings. If you are interested in viewing our centres, please drop us an email to arrange an appointment at least 3 days in advance.